Victoria Falls Bridge Official Opening Ceremony
The Official Opening
The Victoria Falls Bridge was officially opened on 12 September, 1905.
This was the 15th Anniversary of the occupation of Mashonaland.
Postcard of Victoria Falls Bridge Opening
This postcard shows the opening ceremony with a
7th Class locomotive on the bridge.
Published by Hallis & Co. Port Elizabeth.
Victoria Falls Bridge opening.
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The opening ceremony
Photo: National Archives of Zimbabwe
For the conveyance of the British Association Party and other guests, the BMR ran
six special trains between Bulawayo and Victoria Falls. The trains did not have
special postal arrangements, but special cancellations exist for the British
Association. for Bulawayo (double ring) and Victoria Falls (Single ring).
The Bulawayo cancellation is recorded on
September 9th, 11th, 13th  and 14th, 1905.
All recorded cancellations for 9th and 11th
September are Violet. Both Violet and Black
are recorded for 13th and 14th September.
No cancellations have been recorded for 10
September which was a Sunday, or for 12
September, the date that the Victoria Falls
Bridge was opened.
British Association postmark. Bulawayo
The Victoria Falls special
cancellation is recorded on
September 12th and 13th, 1905. All
cancellations are recorded as being
struck in black. It would appear that
the use of the Bulawayo and Victoria
Falls cancellations overlap, which is
difficult to explain if the entire party
of the British Association travelled to
Victoria Falls on the special trains.
British Association postmark. Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls Maxicard
The opening ceremony was performed by
Professor Sir George Darwin, who was the
leader of the British Association Party. This
post card was cancelled the day after the
official opening. It has the same view as that
on the stamp, and can be considered as
one of the first maxicards.
Divided back. Published by Percy M Clark.
Postcard of Victoria Falls Bridge Opening
A second postcard showing the opening ceremony.
The publisher is unknown.
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