Friends of the Bulawayo Railway
Museum Newsletters

Volume 8 Issue 1.  July 2006
Thundering Smoke. Margaret and Buckeye.
Harare and Bulawayo reports.

Volume 8 Issue 2.  September 2006
Membership news. Coach rstoration.

Volume 8 Issue 3.  January 2007
Harare report. School Visits. Harare branch line
passenger trains.

Volume 8 Issue 4. April 2007
Tony Baxter obituary. Museum fire.

Volume 9 Issue 1. June 2007
Rickwood Report. Rhodesia Narrow Gauge.

The newsletter has been dormant for some
years, but was reintroduced in November 2015.
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Railway Circles of Rhodesia
These newsletters are scanned from the original
Roneo copies. Quality may not be as expected
nowadays, but the content is interesting.

The copies are PDF files.

Volume 1 Issue 1. June 1973
Geoffs trains tours