Sandstone Estates
Preserved items with a Zimbabwe / Rhodesia Railways heritage
Small Class F2  'Lawley' 4-4-0 number 6
Built by: Falcon Engine and Car Works
Works #: 233 of 1895
Beira Railway #: 6
SAR #: 106
To Sandstone: 2001

The number on the locomotive, as seen on
the photographs, has been changed
following further research.
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The Beira Railways Lawley # 6 at Sandstone. September 2005
Photos. Geoff Cooke
Class DE2 number 1207
Drawn by & copyright: Sue Lawrence
Built by: English Electric
Works #: 2238 of 1955
Sold to Sandstone: 1998
DE2 # 1207 stored at Ficksburg.
September 2005
Photo. Geoff Cooke
DE2 # 1207 at Kommandonek, en route to Reefsteamers at Germiston.
November 2007
Photos. Michael Thiel
DE2 # 1207 was sold by tender to the
Sandstone Trust. It was stored at
Ficksburg until November 2007, when it
transferred to Reefsteamers in
Germinston. Reefsteamers plan to
restore #1207 for service on their charter
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01 July 2011
On the 4th December 2007, one of
Sandstone Estates' heavy haulage
low-bed rigs arrived at the James Hall
Museum of Transport located in the heart
of Johannesburg's south.  The reason for
this, to collect a very famous locomotive,
one of the ex-Beira Railways Lawley
locomotive which was donated to the
museum by The Dryden Engineering Co
(PTY) Ltd  who purchased the locomotive
(along with Sandstone's Lawley, Falcon
233) from the Zebedeila Estates where the
engines ended their working lives.  It has
been suggested that the James Hall
Lawley ended its working life as Zebedeila
No. 4 with Sandstone's Lawley being No.
5.  The engine has now been reunited with
her sister engine at Sandstone Estates.  
Small Class F2  'Lawley' 4-4-0. Falcon 233
DE2 # 1207 stored at the Germinston Depot of
Early 2008
Photo. Andrew Johnson
Geoffs trains tours
DE2 # 1207 on display at Reefsteamers open day.
24 July 2011
Photo. John Batwell
The two Lawleys working together at Sandstone in
2010. Photo: Geoff Cooke