Rhodesia Railways preservation
The majority of these items can be found at the Bulawayo Railway Museum, but there are items
preserved across the world.
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Departmental equipment
Road vehicles
Other preservation
Ex - Rhodesia Railways and NRZ equipment preserved at other

Kadoma Steam collection
14th Class # 500. 15th Class # 271

Mutare Transport Museum
Small Class # 2. Winston Churchill

Masvingo Town Park
12th Class # 254

Victoria Falls Station
Metro Cammel Coach # 1079

Victoria Falls Bridge
Not really preservation, but historic anyway
Goods Wagons
Short open wagon (wood)
Short Livestock Wagon. (wood).
4 Wheel wooden underframe (Oldbury Rly Carriage Co Ltd.)
Short explosives wagon EOZ 134167
Short wooden 'K' wagon. RRKUK 843429
Long Aluminium 'K' wagon. URR KHB
Short metal 'K' wagon. URR KOZ

Livingstone Railway Museum
7th, 9th, 10th, 12th, 15th, 16A, 20th. Crane & coaches

Zambia - general
9B # 84
12th Class # 204, 187
16A # 620.
20th Class # 702, 703, 704, 733, 735, 740, 741, 748, 758
Not preserved - just reprieved
Ex - Rhodesia Railways coaches sold into private use.

12th Class # 256. 15th Class # 352. Coach 1035
South Africa

Sandstone Estates
Lawley # 6. DE2 # 1207

Transnet Heritage Foundation
14A # 508, 16A # 615
United Kingdom

National Railway Museum
Coach 1808
New Zealand

Steam Incorporated
15A # 398

Mainline Steam Tours
14A # 509
Geoffs trains tours