First Class Coach 1045
Coach 1045 as originally built
Coach 1045 as rebuilt with vestibule ends
Built: Gloucester Railway Carriage & Wagon
Service entry: 1930
Cost: £6,262
Wheels: 2'10" Dia.
Journals: 10" x 5"
Overall length: 59' 6" Over headstocks.
Accommodation: 3 coupe. 4 compartment.
1045 was originally a balcony coach, but was
converted with vestibules prior to the arrival of  
vestibule stock in the early 1950's.

There were  35 coaches of this type supplied
between 1929 and 1931. Not all of them were

Before being allocated to the museum, 1045
was used as departmental staff
accommodation, consequently the cabin
sinks and large fold down tables have been

The coach is serviceable, and has been used
on special trains, and for a few years from
1986, on the Railway Safaris tourist train.

In 2006 it was refurbished as part of a
serviceable rake of museum coaches, and
used on the Globe Steam tour. Globe Steam
partly funded the restoration through the
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Number 1045 in the Museum in the 1980's, in use
with Railway Safaris.
Photo. Geoff Cooke
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Number 1045 in April 2005.
Photo. Geoff Cooke
Drawn by & copyright: Sue Lawrence
Thompson Junction. August 2006.
Photo. Geoff Cooke
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