Class DE2 Number 1200
English Electric DE2. Original colours
Drawn by & copyright: Sue Lawrence
DE2 crossing 15th Class Garratt
nglish Electric DE2. Green and yellow
DE2 # 1207 is owned by the
Sandstone Estates in South
1200 crossing with Class 15 Garratt #360.
Coldridge. April 1973
Photo. Geoff Cooke
English Electric DE2 Yellow
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DE2 # 1200. Bulawayo Museum
Built: English Electric.
Builders number: 2231 of 1955
To Museum: 1984
In the Museum in 1984
Photo. Sue Lawrence
DE2 # 1200 with Booth Brs crane
In the Museum with the Booth Bros. Crane
June 1991
Photo. P Ostle.
DE2 # 1200 in Mutare Workshops with #1225
DE2 # 1200 in Mutare workshops
In the Mutare Mechanical Workshops with #1225. April 2005
Photos. G Cooke
In late 2004 the NRZ management considered returning number 1200 to operation, for use as the workshop
pilot in Bulawayo. # 1200 and sister #1225 were taken to Mutare, where the DE2 fleet was traditionally

The project has not materialised due to the improved availability of more modern locomotives.
English Electric calss DE2. Green.
An unidentified DE2 in the second (green and
white) colours
Salisbury station, date unknown
Model of a DE2 locomotive on
display at the National Railway
Museum, York, England.
Photo: Alex Morais
Rhodesia Railways class DE2 were built in
the 1950s.

The first DE2, number 1200, entered service
on 22 June 1955. Two batches were built by
English Electric: numbers 1200 to 1222 by
the Dick Kerr Works in Preston and
1223-1234 by the Vulcan Foundry works,
Newton-le-Willows in 1958.

The power plant originally fitted was the EE
16SVT, but 8 were later fitted with ex-BR
Class 40 V16 engines.
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