The United Kingdom
Coach number 1808
Drawn by & copyright: Sue Lawrence
Built: Birmingham Railway Carriage & Wagon
Service entry as 1st Class: 1928
Cost: £6,411.00
Wheels: 2'10" Dia.
Journals: 10" x 5"
Overall length: 59' 6" Over headstocks.
Accommodation: 3 coupe. 4 compartment.
Number 1808 is one of twelve First Class
coaches that entered service in 1928. At a
later date they were converted by the
Rhodesia Railways to First and Second
Class composite coaches with two first class
compartments and one coupe, and two
second class compartments and two

The coach was sold to the Zambezi Saw
Mills Railway from where it was obatined by
David Shepherd in 1974. Number 1808
returned to England where it was displayed
for several years at Whipsnade Zoo, and later
at Cranmore on the East Somerset Railway.

When David Shepherd lent 7th Class # 993
to the British Empire & Commonwealth
Museum in Bristol, the museum was unable
to provide space which needed to be under
cover to protect it against the weather, so the
coach was stored for several years in a
tunnel in the Forest of Dean.

In 2004 it was agreed that the locomotive and
coach would go to the National Railway
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# 1808 being offloaded from MV "Tactician" at
Manchester Docks in 1975.
Photo: Elsam, Mann & Cooper Photographers
# 1808 at Cranmore
Photos: Richard Clatworthy
SAR 7th # 993 and # 1808 at the East Somerset
Photo: East Somerset Railway
# 1808 and SAR 7th # 993 at Cranmore
Photo: Richard Clatworthy
# 1808 at Shildon. 17 November 2005.
Photos: Anthony Coulls. Collections Care Manager
Locomotion - the National Railway Museum at Shildon
Anthony Coulls reports:
07 March 2006

The coach is in store with us here in Shildon under a protective sheet, but will move back to York
before Easter 2006 for conservation work to take place. The coach (and 7th Class locomotive 993)
will probably be cosmetically restored in the viewable workshop at the York National Railway
Museum before being put on display in the Great Hall to help tell the story of Britain's contribution
to railways worldwide.
# 1808 at Shildon. 19 May 2007.
Photos: Geoff Cooke
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