Steam Incorporated. New Zealand
Class 15A Garratt Number 398
Builders number: 7340 of 1950
Refurbished: February 1982
Last used: August 1993
Sold to Steam Incorporated: 1995
Named: Isidumuka (Waterbuck)
#398 at Beaconsfield
August 2007
Photo: A Kritzinger
15th Class 4-6-4 + 4-6-4 Garratt 398 was
purchased from NRZ by Steam Incorporated,
a preservation society based at the coastal
town of Paekakariki, near Wellington, on the
North Island of New Zealand.  
Shipped to Beaconsfield, Kimberley, South
Africa, soon after purchase, # 398 is now in
New Zealand.                                
#398 cabside in Bulawayo
Pre 1993
Photo: Geoff Cooke
Geoffs trains tours

Steamnet 2000 based in Beaconsfield with international membership, is a volunteer steam train
preservation organisation dedicated to preserving the heritage of the once premier tourism
attraction of the Northern Cape the "Steam Kyalami" between De Aar and Kimberley.    We are the
only steam train organisation in the N C province, care for some 12 locomotives, some owned by
members ,some leased from Transnet and are gratefull to Transnet Feight Rail for their

Despite government policys since 1994  and only 3 years ago again being identified as one of the
N C province,s 10 tourism development projects, no support is forthcoming for the reinstatement
of some steam trains as a tourist attraction in the Northern Cape, once the Worlds main
destination for steam fans.

In 1998 an affiliated New Zealand organisation purchased a Class 15A garratt steam locomotive
from National Railways of Zimbabwe[formerly Rhodesia Railways] to operate tourist trains on the
New Zealand rail network.     Locomotive No 398 was built in Manchester, England by the "Beyer
Peacock" company in 1950 and used over most routes in Zimbabwe including the Cape Town
mail trains through Botswana as far as Mafikeng.  "Steam Incorporated" the new owners moved it
to Steamnet 2000,s care in Beaconsfield in 1998.

This forthcoming weekend No 398 will finally be split & loaded and leave the Northern Cape
aboard 3 lowbeds bound for Durban and shipping to New Zealand via Australia.  Steamnet 2000
has been responsible for dismantling and preparation and Saxport and Mike du Plooy consultants
have been contracted to load and transport the locomotive.
It is expected that the lowbeds will leave the site for Durban early on monday morning[14th] exiting
opposite the Diamond Pavillion mall.
Steamnet 2000,Steam Incorporated and Saxport wish to place on record their thanks for the help
and cooperation received from Transnet Freight Rail during this operation.

Strictly our site being located within TFR is off limits to the public but should the press or VIP,s
wish to visit and view please contact me on 0828562277

                 Peter J Odell
                   Chairman Steamnet 2000. Kimberley
398 standing at Kimberley in 2011
Photo: Steamnet 2000

NRZ 15th class 398 stored at Beaconsfield by Steamnet 2000 since 11.30
on 28/03/1998 has finally departed at 08.30 on 14/03/2011....!

398 is owned by Steam Incorporated of New Zealand represented by Russell Gibbard of
Wellington, one of our 2 New Zealand members.  You will remember our 3rd N Z member,one
of our founders and previous secretary Ron Cousins, who commuted between 25NC,s at
Kimberley and 15ths at Bulawayo was also a New Zealander.

Steam Incorporated tasked me, using Steamnet 2000,s resources to dismantle 398 and carry
out on site preparatory work for shipping.  I was ably assisted on certain parts of this by
members Jeff Van Rooyen, Chris Goosen, Daniel Visser and Judy, and master fitter Roelf Van
Wyngaardt. Costs of using our equipment etc were covered plus as agreed at our AGM, a
percentage of my remuneration was passed onto Steamnets coffers. A welcome injection.
Mike Du Plooy consultants were appointed to manage the loading and move throughout from
Beaconsfield to Wellington New Zealand, and Saxport were appointed by Mike for the logistics.
The  3 day operation to lift, load and dispatch 398 worked smoothly and well and we need to
thank most TFR staff and managers for tolerating and assisting during the operation, especially
as it involved a blockade on an adjacent running line for 48 hours and switching off the 25kv
overhead for the loads to exit the depot.

Judy provided a constant supply of coffee for the 40 or so workers on site,not well received on
the hot Saturday, but much sought after on the rainy and cool Sunday.  Good progress was
made on Sunday with the boiler unit loaded and clear by 11am but work dragged on, especially
the welding and placement of rails onto lowbeds and the front unit was only being lowered onto
lowbed No3 at 20.00.  After clearance work it was midnight before the blockade could be

Projected time frame is [as I type this 27 hours after departure the lowbeds are around
Bethlehem]: Sail from Durban April 08, Offload & Reload Melbourne 28/4 to 02/05, Auckland

Peter J Odell
                  Chairman Steamnet 2000. Kimberley
Three low-loaders relocate No. 398 from Kimberley to Durban for shipping to New Zealand  -   mid-March 2011.
Photos:  Steam Incorporated.