Beira Railway 2 ft Gauge Class F4 'Lawley'
An uncertain heritage

Two Beira Railway 2ft locomotives were recovered
from the Igusi Sawmills in 1961, having lain derelict
since 1955. A type F4 was created out of the
remains as a static exhibit in the Museum, and the
remaining parts were made into a shell that was
plinthed in the children's play park at Centenary
Park, Bulawayo.

This history makes it difficult to determine the
correct number of the display locomotive, and a
number of suggestions have been made since 1973.
Type F4 'Lawley' in the Museum. 1973
Photo. Geoff Cooke
Beira Railway # 6 is owned
by the Sandstone Estates in
South Africa.
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Type F4 'Lawley' in the Museum. April 2005
Photo. Geoff Cooke
Centenary Park, Bulawayo
Type F4 'Lawley'  named Excalaber in the Bulawayo Centenary Park in 1973.
Both photos. Geoff Cooke
Photo. Geoff Cooke
Drawn by & copyright: Sue Lawrence