7th Class Number 43
Built: North British Locomotive Co.
Builders number: 16173 of 1903
Last used: Dec 1954
To Museum: 1972
Number 43 returns to Bulawayo from Figtree on a
chartered train.
Photo. Geoff Cooke
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Number 43 double heads a train with 12th Class
#190. Departing Mulungwani Siding, heading for
Mbalabala in May 1995.
Photo. Geoff Cooke
The Centenary Train arrives in the outskirts of
Bulawayo, triple headed with Museum
locomotives #43, 115 and 190.
Photo. Chas Rickwood.
04 November 1997
In the Museum. April 2005
Photo: Geoff Cooke
In 1986 #43 received attention in the Bulawayo
Mechanical Workshops. The final job done before
returning to the museum was a repaint.

The foreman in charge of the spray shed wanted the
job to be completed, as a DE10 locomotive was due
in the following day. However, he had no black paint.

"What colour do you have?" asked the museum
"We have a good wearing pale blue." was the reply.
"Go ahead."

And so #43 turned blue for a few years.
#43 in pale blue in the late 1980's.
With some of the Railway Safaris crew.
Photo: Railway Safaris
# 43 in miniature

This Loco was built by Bruce
Green in Johannesburg (H/O)
scale on 12mm gauge track (3'  
6"). It is also available in Gauge
16.5mm and S Scale.

The 7th class was first introduced into the Cape
Government Railways in 1892. The first of the
type acquired by the Rhodesia Railways were
operated by the Cape Government Railways on
the line through Bechuanaland to Bulawayo.

Fifty two locomotives of this type were supplied
to the three companies which eventually formed
the Rhodesia Railways.

Number 43 worked for years as the workshop
shunter in Bulawayo. In 1963 she was turned
out in a smart sky blue livery to haul the Selukwe
branch Jubilee Special, and was then displayed
near the Gwelo Light Railway.

In 1968 Bulawayo celebrated its 75th
Anniversary as a municipality, and #43 hauled
the historic train from Khami to Bulawayo - aided
by 12th Class # 211.

Installed in the Railway Museum as a working
locomotive, # 43 worked a number of enthusiast
trains. Her last working duty was in 1997, when
she triple headed a train from Figtree to
Bulawayo, celebrating the Centenary of the
arrival of the railway in the City.
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