Mainline Steam Tours. New Zealand
Class 14A Garratt Number 509
Built: Beyer Peacock.
Builders number: 7582 / 1953
Refurbished: 1983
Last used: 1993
Sold to Unicem: 1996
Sold to Ian Welch:
Class 14A Garratt #509 was sold to UNICEM, for
use at their cement works at Cement Station,
outside Bulawayo. It joined ex-SAR Class 19D #
2695, working there until the works were

Both locomotives were sold to Ian Welch of New
Zealand's Mainline Steam Trust. They were
refurbished by NRZ in Bulawayo and stored at
the Bulawayo Railway Museum fro a few years
before being broken down for shipment.

The boiler and cab of # 509 are due in New
Zealand on 28 December 2007. The wheels,
main frames, bunker and water tank should
have arrived on 21 December 2007.

For photographs and more information following
arrival in New Zealand,
click here.
#509 with the NRZ
Photo: Trevor Staats
#509 wheels on the dockside in Melbourne seen
from a passing ship on 09 December 2007.
Photo: Andrew MacKinnon, Ferry Skipper, Port
Phillip Bay, Melborne, Australia
#509 back together again in New Zealand at the
Mainline Steam Trust.
Photo: Courtesy T. Heath.