20th Class Number 736
20th Class Garratt # 717
Built: Beyer Peacock
Builders number: 7782 of 1957
Original number: 717
Rebuilt ZECO: July 1982
Renumbered: 736
Named: Enxa
Last used: Oct. 1992
Following withdrawal, # 736 was
offered for sale by tender. Dusty
Durrant considered the prices
being fetched by other 20th Class
locomotives and put in a bid of
around US$24,000.

Dusty became the proud owner of
a 20th Class, which he stored in
the Bulawayo Railway Museum. On
his death the locomotive was given
to the Museum.

# 736 was removed from the
Museum in 2003/4 and is now
reportedly rusting away behind the
steam shed.

Minutes of the FoBRM meeting  
held on 02 October 2004 state that
the Chairman was waiting to see
the NRZ General  Manager
regarding  a  proposal from a
Dutch enthusiast  - Nothing has
been heard of the proposal since
Number 717 at a typical RR water column
Photo. Geoff Cooke collection
20th Class Garratt # 717 at Makati Siding
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Number 717 storms through Makati Siding
15 July 1975. Photo. Geoff Cooke
20th Class Garratt # 736. Dusty Durrant photo
Number 736 taken somewhere in the African bush
by Dusty Durrant
20th Class Garratt at Bulawayo steam depot. Photo Sue Lawrence
20th Class # 736 at the Baobab Flyover, Hwange
Number 736 at the Bulawayo Steam Depot
Photo: Sue Lawrence. 1985
Number 736 at the Baobab Flyover, Hwange
Photo: Paul Marshall