20A Class Number 740
Built: Beyer Peacock
Builders number: 7788 of 1957
Original number: 723
Rebuilt ZECO: Sep. 1982
Renumbered: Sep. 1982
Named: Ingwezi
Last used: Dec. 1992
To Museum: 1993
Number 740 being restored to black in the
Bulawayo P15 shed. 05 in July 1994.
Photo. Geoff Cooke
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Number 740 being used as a stationary boiler at
Bulawayo Workshops.
April 2005.
Photo. Geoff Cooke
In 2001 the two museum 20th Class locomotives
made a test run to Plumtree. #740 damaged a
cylinder as the train approached Plumtree. The
piston was 'centred and secured', and the two
locomotives worked a full load back to Bulawayo.
Photos. Geoff Cooke