Private Saloon 754
Built: Cravens C & W
Service entry: 1929
Cost: £7,212.00
Wheels: 2'10" Dia.
Journals: 10" x 5"
Overall length: 60'6" Over headstocks.
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Two nearly identical Private Saloons were
supplied to the Mashonaland Railways.
Number 754 was for use by the General
Manager, and number 753 by the Governor of
the Colony of Southern Rhodesia. (753 is
now used as a senior manager's coach on
the NRZ.)
Number 754. Bulawayo repair sidings.
Photo. Geoff Cooke
The lounge, furnished for the Railway safaris train.
Photo. Geoff Cooke
Journal box on #754.
Photo. Geoff Cooke
Number 754. Cabin and bathroom.
Photos. Geoff Cooke
Drawn by & copyright: Sue Lawrence