Museum coach number 89013
Built: Metropolitan Carriage & Wagon
Service entry: 1904
Cost: £2,718.00
Wheels: 2'10" Dia.
Journals: 10" x 4,25"
Overall length: 55' 3" Over headstocks.
Built as one of three First Class Coaches that
were rebuilt as Second Class coaches in
1922. They were further converted to staff
coaches in 1930, and then to Compo First and
Second Class coaches.

Renumbered 1814, and then preserved as
originally numbered. Half of the coach has
been laid out as an open display area, whilst
at the other end a representative
compartment, coupe and toilet have been
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April 2005.
Photos. Geoff Cooke
July 2005.
Photos. Geoff Cooke
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