Coaches in private ownership
Over the past 10 years the NRZ have sold a number of redundant coaches. Some have found their way onto private trains, and
others have been truly grounded. Not really preserved, but temporarily reprieved.
South Africa
African Vintage Railtours / Spiers / Rovos
African vintage railtours / Spiers run day trips
and longer tours out of Cape Town's
Monument Station. They use a fleet of ex-
Rhodesia Railways coaches purchased in the
mid 1990's.

Coach No: 239 - Originally Guards / Baggage
Van. Now Bar & Kitchen
Weight: 32 Tons

Supplied to Rhodesia Railways in 1952 by
Metro Camell as a guards van with elliptical
roof and steel bodied. This coach was
converted in Cape Town to a Bar & Kitchen for
use on the Spier Vintage Train.

Coaches No: 4112 & 4098 - Originally Fourth
Class coaches. Now Lounge cars
Weight: 35 Tons

Supplied to Rhodesia Railways in 1953 by
Gloucester Railway Carriage & Wagon
Company (Pty) Ltd as 4th class coaches. The
Coaches were converted to lounges for use
on the Spier Vintage Train. They seat 34

Coach No: 1091 - First Class Coach &
Coach No: 2088 - Second Class Coach. Now
mainline Sleeper coaches
Weight: 42 Tons each

Metro Camell supplied these coaches to
Rhodesia Railways in 1952 for use on
overnight mainline trains. Each coach has 5
compartments and 3 coupes. These coaches
have not been converted and are restored in
their original configuration.
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Victoria Falls
The Victoria Falls Safari Express
The Victoria Falls Safari Express are based at Victoria Falls and primarily run charters between
there and Livingstone. They purchased two 4th class coaches from NRZ, numbers 4096 and
4108. They have both been rebuilt as lounges. The rest of the coaches on their train are hired
from the NRZ Museum and the railway itself.
Coach 4096. Ex RR 4th Class, now VFSE lounge. April 2005. Photos. Geoff Cooke
Coach 4108. Ex RR 4th Class, now VFSE lounge. April 2005. Photos. Geoff Cooke
Nightstar Drive In
Numbers 4079 and 4097 can be found at the
old Nightstar Drive-in Cinema site. The
Cinema closed, and it was planned to make
it a truck park. However, this never
materialised and the restaurant is now a
roadside bar. No one seemed to know why
the coaches had been taken there.

In common with all coaches sold by tender,
the drawgear, bogies and underframe gear
was not included.
April 2005.
Photo. Geoff Cooke
Ascot Shopping Centre
Coach number 4923 has been grounded at
the Ascot Shopping Center in the upmarket
Khumalo suburb. It was being prepared for
use as a coffee shop, but has never opened.
April 2005. Photos. Geoff Cooke
Matopos Road
An entire train has been grounded at a bar /
entertainment complex adjacent to the
Matopos Road, about 10 kilometres from

A few locals are living in the coaches, but
they have not been developed for any other
purpose, and it is difficult to understand why
they were taken to this location and lined up
in the sand as if waiting to depart.

Coaches # 4943, 4072,4916,4932, 4099 and
4934 make up the go-nowhere train.
April 2005. Photos. Geoff Cooke
March 2007
It has been reported that Spiers Wine Estates have sold their coaches to Rovos Rail, and that
they have been relocated to Capital Park in Pretoria.